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R&D Center

아주 기술연구소 전경사진

AJU R&D CENTER was founded in December 2004 to create high-quality future living spaces and technologies through product research that meets customer needs and development of differentiated construction materials. Expert researchers with a master's degree and doctoral degree are working on improving the performance of various concrete products by researching and developing new products. Also we publish excellent research results such as issuing domestic and foreign papers and registering patents every year.

In order to prepare for the upcoming industry, AJU R&D CENTER keeps researching on the utilization of new materials and by-product of steel materials. Examples include air-purified concrete, color concrete, low-carbon concrete, and PHC files using air-cooled aggregate. Recently, we are interested in research on design concrete with various designs, colors and shapes, concrete using nanomaterials, and concrete using microorganisms.

Likewise, AJU R&D CENTER is leading the way to become a global standard company through continuous research activities for expanding R & D area and create results by creative research and practical research in accordance with the innovative culture of ‘ANT(AJU New Thinking)management’.

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