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Ethical Management
Ethics Declaration

In 2004, Aju declared ethical management to enhance transparency and fulfill social responsibilities. The Ethics Center was also established to devise ethical standards and practice guidelines. We strengthened ethical transparent management by having all employees sign the Declaration of Ethics so that Aju can become a sound and trusted company.

  • Our foremost value is customer satisfaction and we listen to the complaints and suggestions of customers.
  • We pursue mutual prosperity with our partners and reject any unfair competition with competitors.
  • We reject bribery, corruption, and any other unjust practices in dealing with our stakeholders (including partners).
  • We reject unfair practices among employees and create a healthy, family-like work environment.
  • We are cautious in maintaining confidentiality of work-related information, and strive to cultivate expertise and to enhance the value of personal life.
  • We contribute to the development of national economy and local society, and endeavor to protect the environment and prevent pollution.
  • We are clean, transparent models of ethical management in practice.
  • Injustice Report Aju Ethics Center
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