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AJU’s global part has started PHC PILE business in Vietnam in 2008, expanding to Cambodia with concrete poles and Bismarck New City Project (BNCP) in Iraq.
We are aiming for the second AJU Corporation by horizontally spreading all parts of domestic business in Southeast Asia.
We are looking into business regarding PHC PILE, ascon and slag, cement industry, etc in Southeast Asia, such as Philippine, Iran and India. In addition, we will continue pursuing new challenges by entering into new and renewable energy businesses such as wood pallets and CNSL.
Through those businesses based on our outstanding technologies and know-hows, we will be the leader in the Southeast Asian construction market.

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    • Introduction of AJU Vietnam

      For the first time in ready mixed concrete industry, Aju established Aju Vietnam in Dongnaisung, which is as big as 98,280㎡, enabling it to produce more than 1,000,000m of PHC and running the sales office in central economic city, Hochiminh. Aju Vietnam is equipped with the system that makes it possible for 128 members to produce and deliver the product 24/7. It also has been developing a new market in emerging market, which is the main arena of competition based on accumulated technology in global standard by obtaining certification of ISO9001, TCVN 7888 in 2016, and JUS A 5373 respectively. On top of that, it has been looking into the establishment of supply chain of building materials mainly in South East Asia by steadily exporting PHC Pile to Cambodia and Myanmar, starting from the export to Brazil in 2012. In addition, it has been developed with local residents with the activities such as supporting to construct kindergarten, educating employees and contributed to increase in economic growth of Vietnam by supplying the materials to SOC project such as power plants, petroleum refinery, and ports. For now, we are accepting the requests from changing global customers and established affiliated company, going into civil engineering project, including Piling.

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    • Introduction of AJU Cambodia

      Aju Cambodia was established in July 2010 as big as 26,221 m2 in Phnom Penh, which is capital area. The main products are concrete poles of square and circular type (56,000 tons per year) and 78 employees are trying to pioneer the new market with day and night production system. In 2013, we have established a global standard base for quality and environment through ISO 9001 and 14001 certification. In addition, we are leading the Cambodian power market by supplying to EDC through trade such as Cable and Telephone Accessory.
      In order to expand new businesses which is the basic civil engineering such as concrete poles, concrete pile(PHC pile), asphalt concrete, and piling, in 2017, we purchased a new site, which is as big as 72,572 ㎡, and we are preparing to make a leap into a comprehensive company in Cambodia. We are also contributing to social contribution activities in Cambodia by constructing schools and donating books.

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    • Introduction of AJU Myanmar

      AJU Myanmar was established in the area of 59,822 m2 in Thilawa SEZ with an approval of investment from the Myanmar government in December 2016.
      Our plant is located southeast away from Yangon by 23km, the economic capital of Myanmar and is adjacent to Thilawa harbor which handles 85% of Myanmar maritime imports and exports.
      Our business areas include PHC pile and square pile, and later precast products and civil engineering such as piling business. Based on our advanced production technology and competitiveness, we have a strategy to become the top construction material company in not Myanmar but also the Southeast Asia market.

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