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Global Leader Bringing Innovation for a happier future

CEO’s message
Thank you very much
for visiting the Aju Corporation website.

AJU Corporation was founded in 1960 based on the founding principle of 'pioneer spirit'. Over the last 50 years, through continuous innovation and challenge, we have been transformed and developed and we have become a leader company in the construction materials industry.

Under the vision of 'Global Leader for Change for a Happy Future', we are leading the field of concrete, aggregate, and PHC PILE, which is the basis of construction, continuously challenging and pioneering based on customers' love and trust. We are also expanding our business area by establishing overseas business sites in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar, and we will prepare for the new century of construction materials industry.

We will do our utmost to become a company that is recognized by society and actively engage in corporate social responsibility activities by inheriting the spirit of entrepreneurship that should contribute to the nation and society.

In order for us to achieve our vision, we need your warm attention and encouragement.
Thank you.

Park Sang-il, CEO of Aju Corporation

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