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Notice of collecting and using personal information
“Aju Corporation" gathers the minimum amount of personal information needed to answer your request accurately and sincerely.
Please read and agree as follows regarding the collection and use of personal information.

1. Purpose of collection and utilization :
Identify yourself, conduct customer enquiries and notify you of results, and notify you of notices

2. Privacy collection category
- Mandatory category : Inquiry field, Name, E-mail, Cell phone

3. Period of Retention and use of personal information :
In principle, when the purpose of personal information collection and utilization is achieved, such information shall be destroyed promptly.
However, if it is necessary to preserve the information according to the provisions of the pertinent statutes, the company maintains the member information for a certain period of time as specified in the related statutes as follows.
- Preservation category : Name, E-mail, Cell phone
- Preservation reason : Credit information Use and Protection Act
- Period of preservation : 3years
※ Records of collection, processing and use of credit information : 3years (Credit information Use and Protection Act)

4. A notice of Privacy collection and Consent to use refusal :
You may refuse to accept personal information collection and utilization of this service and this service is unavailable.
Do you agree to the collection and use of your personal information?
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