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CI Information
SymbolMark Concept

It is a symbol of the status of the world that has succeeded and developed the history of trust that has been cultivated in the pioneer spirit.

The shape of the diamond, which has become a symbolic motif of AJU, is a symbol of faithful and trustful history together with the history of AJU, and it reflects firm and strong corporate image.
A very simple English logo, combined with a diamond shape and form, clearly reveals AJU’s identity and helps active communication.

아주 로고
    • AJU Blue

      Spot color printing : Pantone 293c
      Four-color process printing : C 100 / M 60 / Y 0 / K 0
      web color : R 23 / G 65 / B 154

    • AJU Gray

      Spot color printing : Pantone cool gray 10c
      Four-color process printing : C 0 / M 0 / Y 0 / K 70
      web color : R 109 / G 110 / B 113

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