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Trade Distribution

AJU CORPORATION has been importing various domestic and overseas products such as steel, wood pellets, truck / construction machine tires, home appliances, medium / low voltage power cables, etc. using the excellent capabilities and networks of the construction materials business that have been accumulated since 1960s based on the pioneer spirit.
We are expanding strategic partnerships with global manufacturers to ensure stable supply of products and competitive prices. We will endeavor to grow as a global leading company in the trade and distribution industry that earns the trust of customers through the practice of "win-win trade and distribution (WWTD)" to discover, support and foster promising small and medium enterprises with high growth potential.

  • Iron and Steel
  • Wood Pellet
  • Tire
  • Domestic

  • Iron and Steel Image Iron and Steel
  • Wood Pellet Image Wood Pellet
  • Tire Image Tire
  • Domestic Appliances Image Domestic Appliances
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