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ANT Management

  • AJU New Thinking

    ANT management is an abbreviation of 'AJU New Thinking' and it means that AJU people's creative and new ideas are gathered together to pursue a more advanced future and all the members cooperate like ants to achieve dream (goal).

    ANT management is a benchmark of amoeba management created by Inamori Kazuo, Kyocera Group's honorary chairman. This is an AJU's unique innovative activity that members with expertise in each sector, such as single-celled amoebas create a flexible organization that can work creatively and voluntarily with the spirit of an ownership.

    In 2014, we introduced the ‘AJU’s amoeba management’ that started from the Kwangmyung Office, and have piloted the independent profitability system for each sector. Through this, we have achieved the effect of developing about 60 management indexes of profitability organization. In 2016, we selected ANT (AJU New Thinking) as a new name for AJU’s ameba management through an AJU Corporation naming contest. We have branded all corporate culture innovation activities as 'ANT management' and are actively utilizing them for overall management.

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