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Ready-mixed Concrete

AJU CORPORATION produces and supplies super high strength concretes and functional concrete. It also aims to produce the highest quality products by operating a R&D center.

Since 2002, AJU CORPORATION has introduced ERP to computerize all processes from product production to shipment and for the first time in the industry, we have introduced a GPS system in our vehicles to provide customers with accurate information on product delivery time. In addition, we train the quality management human resources through the four levels of the professional training and communication training.

AJU CORPORATION has been supplying a wide range of special products such as super high strength concrete, low heat concrete, low crack concrete, marine concrete, underwater concrete, porous concrete, non-shrinkage concrete, fiber-reinforced concrete and etc. With years of the accumulation of skills and knowledge, AJU CORPORATION has built the best production line to produce whatever the customers need.

  • ERP System
    Computerization of all processes
  • GPS System
    Adopting the first GPS monitoring system in the industry
  • Nation’s first
    Ultra High-Strength Concrete was Developed
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