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Privacy Policy
In accordance with Article 30 of the Privacy Protection Act, the following guidelines are provided to protect the users ' Privacy protection, rights and interests, and deal with their complaints concerning privacy :

If you modify the Privacy Policy, you will notify it via the company's homepage(http://www.ajucorporation.co.kr).
  1. Article 1. Purpose of Privacy processing

    AJU Corporation processes Privacy for the following purposes. The processed privacy will not be used for any purpose other than the following and further consent will be implemented under Article 18 of the privacy Protection Act when the purpose of use is changed :

    1. Sign - up and manage the members of the home page
      • Privacy is processed for the purpose of checking members ' intention to sign up, maintaining and managing their qualifications, and for notification, notice, and grievance.
    2. Civil affairs business administration
      • Privacy is processed to check the identity of the applicant, check the complaint, contact or notice to investigate the facts, and notify processing result.
    3. Provision of goods or services
      • Process privacy for sending an estimate, authenticating to yourself, and inquiring about a product
    Article 2. Privacy collection category and method
    1. Privacy collection category
      • Mandatory category : Name, Email, Cell phone
      • The following privacy items can be automatically created and collected during Internet service use :
        IP address, MAC address, Service record, Visit History, faulty, bad Service record etc.
    2. How to Gather Privacy
      • Homepages, written forms, faxes, consultation boards, email
    Article 3. Processing and retention period of privacy
    1. AJU Corporation retains privacy as agreed upon during the retention and use of privacy according to the Act or when collecting privacy from the entities, and processes and retains privacy within the period of use.
    2. Each person's privacy processing and retention period is as follows :
      • Sign - up and manage members of home page If the purpose of privacy collection and utilization of Article 1 is fulfilled, the privacy is destroyed without delay.
      • Civil affairs business administration and Provision of goods or services : Consonance with the above
    Article 4. The rights of the information provider and their legal representative and how to exercise their duties
    1. An information provider may exercise its right at any time to view, correct, delete, or suspend its privacy from AJU Corporation.
    2. Exercise of rights under section 1 can be carried out in writing, by Email, or via FAX, and AJU Corporation will promptly take action.( According to Article 41, Enforcement Decree of the Privacy Protection Act, Article 1)
    3. Exercise of rights under Article 1 can be carried out through the authorized representative of the information provider. In this case, a power of attorney should be submitted.(Refer to, Enforcement Rules of the Privacy Protection Act, Appendix No. 11)
    4. Request for a halt to privacy reading and processing may be limited in the rights of the information providers according to Article 35, Article 5 of the Privacy Act and Article 37, Clause 2.
    5. If the pertinent privacy specified in other statutes is specified as the target of collection, the privacy can not be requested to be corrected or deleted.
    6. AJU Corporation verifies the Requestor's identity when requested to view, modify, delete, or stop privacy.
    Article 5. Procedure and method for destruction of privacy

    AJU Corporation will destroy privacy immediately when it becomes unnecessary such as the completion of the privacy retention period and the attainment of its processing purpose.

    1. Procedure for destruction
      • AJU Corporation selects the privacy that has caused the destruction and discards the privacy with the approval of the person in charge of the privacy protection of the industry.
    2. How to destroy
      • AJU Corporation records in the form of electronic files. Stored privacy destroys records so that they can not be played back. Privacy stored in paper documents is destroyed by crushing or incinerating.
    Article 6. Installation, Operation and Rejection of Automatic Collection Device of Privacy

    AJU Corporation does not use "cookies" to store information about information subjects and to retrieve information from time to time.

    Article 7. Specifying the privacy manager
    1. AJU Corporation is responsible for the handling of privacy processing and has designated the person in charge of privacy protection as follows for the complaint handling and damage relief of information subject related to privacy processing.
    2. Manager of the Privacy Protection
      • Name : Kwon, Moo-Hyun
      • Position : Director
      • Contact : +82-2-3475-9568
      Department of the Privacy Protection
      • Department : HR Team
      • manager : Team leader Min, Tae-Yop
      • Contact : +82-2-3475-9842
    3. The information subject can inquire about privacy protection related complaints, complaint handling, damage relief, etc. when using the service (or business) of AJU Corporation for privacy protection person and department.
      AJU Corporation will promptly respond to and handle inquiries from information providers.
    Article 8. Change of privacy processing policy

    This Privacy Policy will be effective from the effective date. If there is any addition, deletion or correction of the change in accordance with the laws and policies, it will be notified from the announcement 7 days before the change.

    Article 9. Technical and administrative measures to protect privacy
    1. Management plan : Establishing and implementing internal management plans, regularly training employees, etc.
    2. Technical plan : Manage access rights of privacy processing system, install access control system, encrypt such as unique identification, install security program
    3. Physical plan : Access control of computer room, data storage room
  2. * Notice date : 1 December 2017
    * Enforcement date : 1 December 2017

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